TenFwd Comics 

Adrian Jones

Welcome to TenFwd Comics! I'm Adrian Jones, the proud owner of your  online Local comic book store. Our store offers an extensive range of comic books, from popular titles from Marvel to unique finds, as well as a wide array of collectibles. As an authorized CGC dealer, I strive to ensure that our customers receive a great experience when submitting your comics.

My passion for comics doesn't stop at selling; I take great joy in tracking down those elusive, hard-to-find issues for my customers. Personally, I have a particular fondness for collecting everything related to Spawn.

In addition to running TenFwdComics, I am a Marine Corps veteran. I served in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. My experiences in the military have shaped who I am today, and I carry the values I learned with me in all my endeavors.

Our store motto is "Supporting the community with great deals and warm beer." The warm beer is an inside joke from my first SDDC and serves as a reminder of the camaraderie and good times shared with fellow Marines.

I also stream daily on Whatnot, where I engage with the comic book community and share the latest additions to our store. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Whatnot, and X at TenFwd Comics to stay updated with our latest offerings and events.

Our name is derived from Star Trek Next Generation....far superior to Star Wars😎JK..I am partial to Next Gen but respect and love watching and talking about Star Wars lore. 

Thank you for visiting TenFwdComics. I look forward to helping you find your next great comic book treasure!